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1What are the benefits of working with a travel advisor at Mosaic Shores Travel?

A.) We are convenient and accessible. We are real people that you can speak with, not just a computer. We are able to take care of every aspect of your trip, which leads to less stress and time wasted trying to navigate through all the options online yourself. We have insider knowledge and can provide you with expert recommendations that you may not find in guidebooks or online reviews. We are there to assist you before and during your trip and we are always eager to hear all about your vacation once you have returned home.

B.) You may qualify for exclusive perks. We have access to room upgrades, welcome amenities, spa credits, and VIP treatment because of our strong relationships with suppliers. Both advisors and suppliers strive to make your vacation as special as possible.

C.) We love travel. We are crazy passionate about it and are so excited to share that passion with you. We hope to inform and inspire you about destinations and experiences around the world.

D.) We create personalized experiences. We creatively and meticulously research, plan, and design itineraries that are unique to you by utilizing our knowledge, contacts, and our own experiences, in addition to, your requests and interests. We are well-informed and are continually educating ourselves on locations around the world. By doing this, it increases our ability to expertly match you to your perfect vacation. We can also offer additional travel tips and advice to assist you on your journey.

2How much will my trip cost?
The cost of every trip we plan is flexible and will be determined based on your requested budget. While we typically work with 4- and 5-star luxury providers to ensure a high-quality experience, our goal is to accommodate as many items from your wish list as possible while remaining within your budget.
3What are your professional fees?

Customized Travel Planning Services
Our planning fee for customized travel covers the research, development of the proposal, up to 2 revisions to perfect your customized itinerary, booking, the managing of all components of your trip, and emergency support while traveling.

Our professional travel planning fees are $150 for parties of up to 6 people for trips lasting up to 10 days and $25/traveler for parties of 7-12 people for trips lasting up to 10 days. The proposal is for one overall trip to 1 or 2 destinations with up to 4 resort or cruise recommendations per proposal. Changes in destination will require a new planning fee. Costs for groups larger than 12 will be discussed prior to services being rendered.

For proposals over 10 days there will be an added planning fee of $50 per trip. Proposals over 21 days may incur additional charges.

For proposals where requested dates of travel are within 60 days or less, there is an additional $100 expedition fee. Currently, travel is busy and availability is low within short travel windows. We highly recommend that you contact us regarding your travel as far out from your desired travel dates as possible, so that there is availability still open.

Hotel and Cruise Only Bookings
We have access to many amazing luxury properties and exciting cruise itineraries. Working with us to book your travel will enable us to find the ideal vacation experience for you and will allow you access to our added amenity program that will offer you exclusive privileges. We'll make sure you feel like a VIP by upgrading your booking when possible so you get the additional perks and benefits that you cannot get when you book directly or through an online booking engine.

These valuable benefits may include:
Complimentary breakfast for two
Upgrade (on arrival, subject to availability)
Resort, ship, food & beverage, or spa credit
Early check in/late check-out (subject to availability)
Invite-only events and shore excursions

Fees For Hotel & Cruise Only Bookings - Includes Research and Booking. Travel Support not included.
$75 (for up to 6 travelers) to cover the research involved in finding you the perfect property. This covers up to 3 hotels in one location requested by the client. This allows our clients to take advantage of our preferred partner amenities. Additional travelers, over 6, may incur additional fees.

Fees For Hotel & Cruise Only Booking-Includes Booking Only. Research and Travel Support not included.
This service is complimentary when a client knows their exact destination and which hotel/cruise they would like to book and no research is provided by Mosaic Shores Travel Co., LLC. This allows our clients to take advantage of our preferred partner amenities that hotels and cruise ship companies may provide. Clients may also be able to book via my Hotel Booking Engine themselves and will still have access to any available Virtuoso amenities.

All planning fees are paid before any travel planning services are started.

Airline Ticketing
We do not offer standalone airline ticketing. We offer it only when we are providing our client with our full customized travel planning services.

Last Minute Changes
There will be a $150 fee for last-minute changes within 7 days of departure or when changes are requested during the planned trip.

An additional fee of $75 per person will apply to all trip cancellations. (Please note: there may be additional fees or charges from suppliers dependent upon their terms and conditions.)

All our fees are non-refundable.
4Why do I need travel insurance and when should I purchase it?

Travel insurance offers you trip protection. You are investing a lot of money into your trip experience and it is very important that you are covered in case there are medical and/or travel emergencies.

Your insurance plan should be purchased as soon as the first deposit or payment is made toward the trip.
5Are you a travel advisor or travel agent?

We are both actually, but we believe that the term travel advisor most appropriately describes us, as we offer more than just travel booking services. We design, plan, and book your vacation from beginning to end, as well as, inform and advise you on all your options throughout the process.

6Are there times when I shouldn't work with a travel advisor?

A.) When you want the cheapest vacation possible. Travel advisors provide value in enhancing your overall experience. Our focus is not based on offering cheap prices. This doesn't mean that you cannot find affordable trips when working with us, but we won't spend excessive hours researching or price-matching with suppliers solely to secure the lowest possible price for your vacation. Instead, our goal is to help you create an exceptional vacation by curating experiences that provide the best value. Keep in mind that the cheapest options come with compromises in quality and satisfaction. But, when spending the least amount of money is your top priority, then planning your trip yourself is your best option.

B.) When you need to book air travel only and don't require additional services like hotels, tours, or ground transportation, it's more efficient for you to book directly with your preferred airline.

C.) When you prefer to work alone and be the primary travel planner, it may be best for you to book your trip yourself. While you may enjoy handling things on your own, it is important to recognize that collaboration with a travel advisor can greatly enhance your travel experience. You will be able to share your travel preferences, ideas, and concerns to your advisor, allowing us to tailor our services to your specific requests, ensuring that we provide you with personalized recommendations, itineraries, and amenities that align with your travel goals. Furthermore, collaborating with travel advisors allows you to tap into our expertise and knowledge of different destinations, ensuring that you make the most out of your trip. By embracing collaboration, we can create a thriving partnership that leads to a truly fulfilling and unforgettable vacation.

7If I am wanting to book a hotel only, am I able to do that myself?

Yes. Clients may be able to book via my Hotel Booking Engine themselves and will still have access to any available Virtuoso amenities. Click the button below to start. Contact me directly with any questions.

  • Indonesia Luxury Cruise

    • Cruise on a luxury ship to locations in Indonesia
    • Offering 7 and 12-night sailings.
    • The ship is 5 levels and has 15 sea-facing suites.
    • Onboard kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling equipment are provided.
    • Expert-led excursions are provided that explore the most bio-diverse marine habitats, witness rare native bird species, and embrace centuries old history and culture.
    • Ships Decks have Outdoor Seating and Dining, Barbecue,Jacuzzi, Spa and Exercise Zone, Indoor Lounge Bar,Library and TV Room.
    • Best time to travel is October-February.
    • Highlights:

    • Visit the Ambon and Spice Islands: Go trekking Gunung Banda Api volcano, go snorkeling and diving, visit a local market, watch a kora-kora war canoe display, and see Pulau Manuk, a lone volcanic crater island.
    • Visit the Raja Ampat Islands where deep blue waters turn to turquoise and mushroom-shaped islets right before your eyes.The calm waters are ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding.Or take a tender boat tour to discover magnificent limestone formations and find a private beach to call your own. You could also climb the stairs to Pindito summit to capture the unforgettable and iconic vista of the island cluster.
    • Visit Cape Kri to witness nature in full motion in a single dive or snorkel, with species such as whales trying to feed on smaller fish, or see manta ray cleaning stations, where these massive creatures queue up to get their skin, gills and teeth cleaned by parasitic copepods and a variety of small cleaner wrasse species — an amazing sight to behold.
  • Cruise The Adriatic Sea

    • Featured Cruise Operator-Celestyal Cruises.
    • Adriatic Sea Ports-Venice (Italy),Dubrovnik (Croatia), Split (Croatia), Kotor(Montenegro), Corfu (Greece), Katakolon(Greece) and Patras (Greece)
    • Mid-sized ships.
    • They offer an authentic, lifetime experience, both on board and on shore.
    • Offer 5 or 7 might cruises.
    • All-inclusive experience. Including, all meals onboard, unlimited drinks packages, select excursions, onboard entertainment, and gratuities.
    • Highlights:

    • Corfu is the mythical home of the Olympian God, Poseidon, and the island on which Odysseus was shipwrecked in Homer’s epic,The Odyssey. Tour the Vlacherna Monastery and catch a breathtaking sunset here.
    • Visit Paleokastritsa and see endless olive groves,rolling hills and secluded coves.
    • Visit Katakolon which is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. While here, explore the bayside area and picturesque streets before heading into one of the many tavernas and cafes to meet the locals and sample exquisite Greek cuisine.
    • Patras has attractive squares, fun-filled streets, a lively nightlife and plenty of great restaurants and bars.
    • Experience romantic Venice and ride a gondola, stroll around St Mark’s Square, visit the Doge’s Palace and Basilica di San Marco, cross the Rialto Bridge, explore the maze of winding alleys and hidden narrow backstreets and have lunch by the Grand Canal.
    • Visit awe-inspiring Dubrovnik and tour the ancient city walls, ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car, enjoy homemade cuisine,and visit the Game of Thrones filming locations.
    • Visit Split, where its coastal mountains are the perfect backdrop to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Visit Diocletian’s Palace which is home to world’s most impressive Roman Monuments.
    • Kotor is a medieval maze of stunning architecture, lovely churches,& squares, sprinkled with cafes and Venetian Palaces. Think blue seas and rolling mountains drenched in the heavenly scent of lemons, oranges, mimosas, and camellias.